Tenderspirit’s News

It is my hope to actually get some of my reborn dolls listed on Ebay or Etsy by the end of the year.  I have not been working om my jewelry too much as I have a problem with my left index finger that makes it really hurt when I do my wire weaving.  I miss it so much.  I love doing wire wrapping.  I have been sewing a lot these days as my hand get more and more stiff sewing is one thing I can still do without too many problems.  Just a bit hard to pull the thread using that stiff left finger and thumb.  But I journey on as creating is my life, without creating I would have no life.  So be it. Hugs   I will post an update when I have some new babies or jewelry to show.  My website for my reborn dolls and jewelry is here. Http://tenderspirit.com   Hugs

I wanted to share the new book cover I made. I used Daz3D and photoshop.

Big Hugs Tenderspirit