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  1. I have been a member of ODA for a long time. I was a member when it was free and have gladly paid the $20 to maintain my membership. I love ODA!!! I love the people here (we are like a family) and the information everyone is so willing to share is priceless. I have made some of the most wonderful friendships with people and I haven’t never even met them face to face, but I feel closer to most of them than some people I know in person.
    If you have a question, there is always someone who can answer it or direct to an answer. And the archives we have is full of so much information, I’m still finding new and interesting tidbits. If you are a new sculptor or a pro, this site has so much to offer, I highly recommend joining.
    Hugs to you (see, we are such a friendly bunch)!

  2. anubis4

    I have the how to books and the DVD’s and while they are a great resource.. ODA is my lifeline. I live in a small town in New Zealand and I seem to be a bit of an ooak myself ( I have yet to find another who sculpts in polymer clay in my area. ) So when I found this site some years ago it was like heaven, so many talented people all happy to give their guidance, techniques and support.
    What I love most is even though I am not a master sculptor or even close to it. It doesn’t matter because we all have one thing in common…. we just love to play with clay.
    So why not come in and meet us…….. I know once you do you’ll never want to leave.

    got to go I got a pixie in the oven

  3. Vanessie

    Oda is such a warm, friendly place to chat about all kind of ooak dolls.
    I’ve been here for more then two years now and learned so much from everyone.
    Everybody, professionals as well as beginners, are always willing to help and the database is full with tutorials and links.
    Tenderspirit, thank you so much for giving us this home away from home.


  4. admin

    Thank you all for your kind words you are all so precious to me.
    Big Hugs Tenderspirit

  5. admin

    Not sure why it is doing the every other white thing so just to let you know that I know and I am working on this. Might have to get support to help me as this is really strange. LOL
    (edited) okay I got help from support I knew there was a simple adjustment just did not know where it was. ROFL so it is fixed now, all backgrounds are black so the white text shows up on all coments. YIPPEE!

    Hugs Tenderspirit

  6. Alan

    hello. Im trying to sign up but cannon get the page. I want to sell my art when I do some.

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