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October OOAKDollArt Artist of the Month winner is Jadine C.

October OOAKDollArt Novice of the Month winner is:  Alba Garcia

Come join us in our Fall Swap -  It will be fun!
I will be in on this one and draw names again for my reborn. 
The subject of our contest is an elderly (over 35) famous person. 
The contest ending date is July 31, 2008.

Congratulations: 1st prize to Linda Stirling
Second prize Raffa Scarpato
Third Prize Noemi Smith
and to all of you that entered the contest what a wonderful job you all did.

The pictures are located:  http://www.ooakdollart.com/forums/gallery/menu.php?gallery=public&album_id=68

Message to the existing and future Virtual Gallery Members: Jules_NZ is now working on a new look and also going to be adding new pdf files very soon.

Something exciting has been added to the virtual gallery! We've added 3d
Interactive pdf files.  All 3d pdf files have been added to the original virtual gallery.  They will all have thumbnail pictures just as the 6000 still pictures do.   We abandoned the Virtual Gallery that was located in the Archive2 download section as it was just not user friendly and the process to get it that way was much too lengthy.  I have added all the moveable pdfs to the original virtual gallery.  Both Ellie and I hated the new virtual gallery and therefore it was my decision to make it as painless as possible to provide you with a quality product that was easy to navigate.  Thank you all for your support for the site by joining the Virtual Gallery.  I do not wish to recieve any donations if you would like to support the site I would prefer you just join the virtual gallery that way you too are getting something extra for your donation.  Hugs Tenderspirit

Check out the  The Summer Swap   The subject will be a dragon. 
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