Please go to the portal to vote for AOTM/NOTM

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Please go to the portal to vote for AOTM/NOTM

Postby Tenderspirit on Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:12 pm

portal.php Please use this link to go to the portal to vote for the artist of the month. This darn forum if I make the actual poll a global announce ment it will not put it on the portal as the latest poll. :crazy:

So I fugure this will be the best way to do it from now on that way I can just renew this post each month when it is time to vote for our artist of the month and our novice of the month. I am also going to ask you if after the voting is done if you will then send your next nominees to Irishshee as she has volunteered to help me with this. My darn brain forgets and we are getting behind, then noone sends me nominees, so by her doing this it will run on a scedule. On the first of the month she will post a message asking you all to send her your nominees for both catagories, so start thinking about that now. LOL and then on the 16th of the month she will put up the poll for the voting. Hugs Tenderspirit
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