About Linda E's site and my feelings

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About Linda E's site and my feelings

Postby Tenderspirit on Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:24 pm

I have spent two days looking at all the sides of the issue about Linda's site Http://ooakartdoll.com
This thread is locked but you are welcome to email or pm Linda with your thoughts or support in this trying time for her I am sure she would appreciate a hug.

The first thing I want to let you all know is Linda did come to me first and tell me what she was doing and the name she had chosen. To be honest I did not really like it, as it is sooo similar to our oda name, but I did not tell her that. I told her it was okay. My thought was if you do a search for ooak doll art, I am number one of 28,700 sites. I started thinking who the hell am I to tell anyone they cannot use that name just because they are one of my members, and being Linda is one of the most loyal members to me I have I would much rather her have that name then someone I don't know. Because sooner or later someone is going to take that name. I bought almost every ooakdollart name out there .com .net .mobi .org but the list goes on and on and how the heck many would I have to buy to protect it. So I decided long ago to let go and let God. As I am not going to pay hundreds of dollars a year for what, as they can always add the, my, online, ist ists and a million other dashes or underscores. So I am going to lock this forum and I hope you will all respect me enough not to talk about the current bashing Linda has in my opinion unjustly received. You all know I hate this shit and that is exactly what I think all of this was. I get so angry when anyone is bashed in public unless they are just blatently stealing peoples money for services not rendered. I think we have a duty to let people know that kind of thing if it is in fact happening and as we all know there are some that are guilty of that kind of behavior over and over with years of track records. But I think sometimes we all are just too quick to react when someone gives us their side of a situation and slants it their own way, which of course all of us do. I asked Linda to send me copies of the emails she sent out to people asking their permission to put their links etc, and asking them to look at the site and tell her if they wished anything changed. She did so. I believe we will all see some back pettling done by some of the people who have said mean things. And I will leave it at that. I don't like being in the middle here and rarely do I take a stand as it means I have to do the research and I have to look at the hard facts, those on paper, not those by word of mouth as word of mouth does not mean crap. We all hear what we want to hear and it is always subjective to our own filters. So I just wanted to let you all know that I am behind what Linda is doing, if I was not her posts would have never remained on ODA and I would have confronted Linda myself in private and none of you would have ever heard about it. That is just the way I do things as I hate to have to eat my words and in the mean time distroy another human being in my process. Hugs Tenderspirit Very Proud owner of OOAKDollArt.com LOL :angel: :angel: :angel: :wave:
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