Going to have fun cleaning my cabin today, ugh

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Going to have fun cleaning my cabin today, ugh

Postby Tenderspirit on Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:13 am

I started it yesterday what a chore. As we moved much of the stuff I had in storage there. My hopes are that mom will want to stay in there when she comes (yeah right) lol. But also that I will have a nice private place for people to come and stay. I am putting my king sized bed in there. Was sad as it was a fricken 3000.00 matress I bought at an uptown store on sale, but it kills my back. My hope was to invest in something that would help my back, and now I can't even sleep on the darn thing. But it is very comfortable to most, just does not work with my hip and back problem. UGH

So will be fun to decorate it and get it ready, maybe someone will will a free weekend in my cabin. LOL I would love that. That would be a win for me. It is set back off the road and surrounded by huge pine and cedar trees, really cute.

So that is one of my prodjects for today. Some jerk when I was gone to Oregon came and disconnected the pipes from the sink and hot water heater, and when I turned on the pump when I got home for 12 hours the water ran in the little shed and bathroom, thank God a pipe had broken with the freeze we had under the house and most of the water ran under the house. Some people are just jerks. LOL

So now I have to get a plumber too, to fix the broken pipe, and hook back up the sink ones and water heater.

Life, so full of challenges. LOL

Big Hugs Tenderspirit
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