inner demon contest - show

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inner demon contest - show

Postby Fairies and dreams on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:00 pm

Do you want to show your ineer Demon ???
and want get a good prize for it ? hehehehe
make your entery to First ODA show

donations for other artist suppliers etc are beign accepted
any donation is good for us .
as prizes we already have

Miwa Lost head and a pair of fairies and Dreams exclusive wings .
and others supplies check out the post later to see photos of fairies and dreams donation

Patrizia ( carota 72) donated a lost head form her own island of the lost heads

for the moment we have only this prizes i will add loads of goodies check out later ...

we accept any donation but donators cannot enter on the show they will be consider sponsors

we will hage five judges , by the moment we have Me , and Elsie i will talk with more artists to consider be judg at this show all of themwith experience on the doll making and considered professionals in this field.

basic rules .

everyone who will donate cannot participate ok? first rule LOL
rule number two for who winn the prize will give directlly teh address to all the donators and each one will sent to the winner
a small pack of envelop whatever be the prize
for donators .... you must take a pic of your donation and post on the contest post as an open offer and once you made an offer you must give your word you will sent .

about the rules of the show ...
firts one must be a inner demon
real or imaginary but must have a short story about him , the story will make us from the judge imagine better the demon
and give a sense to your image
don´t have teh need to have a base but if have accessories mut have coordinate with teh story .. a short story not a book LOL

teh face is teh most important , of course mus have a body and a good body with a good face must win a awesome face and a very poor body ..
but can be a soft body if you choose make a posable demon the demon must have sculpted at least hands (claws) feet and head ok ?

another rule NOT pretty things are allowed , LOL
and most important rule the piece must be new and made specifically for this show
NOT old pieces are alowed

i will open a entery tomorrow will be valid for 2 weeks
and you all must have 2 months to complete the piece and open a show and tell about your piece
every movement will be watched closelly for the judges
we are not allowed to give any opinios we will not open our mouth on the in the works / doll talk
for who choose dont show until the piece is done also it´s ok but we will have a dead line and the works only will be accepted as an entery until the dead line ( sorry guys two moths is enought time )
i think that´s all i don´t wnat this full of rules LOL ...

you can make your questions here and we will asnwer all of them .

first direct question form Lori :

Do your prefer WIP pictures...or, should we keep our demons to ourselves and let the skeletons out of the closet on judgement day?

my answer :

Lori thsi is personal if you prefer show you demon wip we will looking everything and more people will have time to consider and follow
if you like best keep in secret to not influenciate nobody ( i admit this can happend , but also will have in consideration cause the wips must have dates in the post , i men if you post the firt pic april one and teh second april 5 and april 8 anothe person is cleary inspired in your work .. thsi will count too , everything will be look under a magnify glassmy friend and i want close contact with the other juges so we will have time to anylise every songle point .. or that´s is the idea .
so have or not to have a wip is a free election i don´t have any preferences

to participate just put your name here and i will consider this a entery and will add your name to a list
after two weeks after today this enteries will be closed
and starts the fun
you all will have 2 months to complete your ineer demon

this is only the first show we will have here on ODA

i will start to think in others
and i promise will worth

keep your eye one this will be a lot of fun
I know you can do anything you want!
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