Cracking with Cold Porcelain?

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Cracking with Cold Porcelain?

Postby Jhouseart on Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:44 pm

Hi there. I'm new to this forum and also cold porcelain, but wanted to ask, how is it that I would be able to wrap CP around a base such as a styrofoam ball, to sculpt a character head, without it cracking as it dried? I haven't actually used CP yet, but I bought some of the AMACO store brand stuff and plan to start using it within the next couple days. I've been primarily using polymer clays and resin clays such as magic sculpt for over 15 years and wanted to try something new. I'm just worried about trying to put too much detail into a character head that might crack when it dries because of the base I've used. How does the CP not crack???

Thanks in advance for any answers. :-D

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