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Learn How To Sculpt OOAK Fairies or Dolls

Special occasions like birthdays and graduations are times that are meant to be remembered. Chronicling a special event or milestone can be one of the best gifts that you can give to a person. What better way to signify the event than with a beautiful OOAK Doll sculpt.  Perhaps a fairy that looks like a special portrait of the person being honored would be a great gift idea also. However, to do this, you will first need to learn how to sculpt. Yes, you can learn how to sculpt!

Not only does learning how to sculpt come in handy for personalized gifts, but it also enriches your mind and spirit. If you can sculpt just the simple figurines, you be able to capture moments that are special to you. For example, as you watch your little girl picking flowers, you can whip out your sketch book and make the basic shape of the scene and then you can sit down and start sculpting. If you know the fundamentals, you can later add in the details, like the shading and highlights of the sun hitting her hair. If you learn how to sculpt, you might even open the door to an artistic future. When learning how to sculpt, there are certain basic rules that you must learn. Then you can choose one of many sculpting techniques best suited to your personal style.

Now that you have decided to learn how to sculpt, you'll need the proper equipment. When you're just beginning, its best to use inexpensive materials and equipment.. Red October at Http://www.morezmore.com has lists of all the materials you will need to begin.  The beginning artist needs to start in OOAKDOLLART forum.  

Now it's time for one of the most enjoyable of the steps one goes through when they learn how to sculpt. Putting pencil to paper is the beginning of a massive accomplishment. Choose a comfortable place in which to draw. Some people like to sit bolt-upright at a table, while others find a comfy chair or bed more to their liking. Wherever you park yourself, you must be sure to have a flat, level surface to work on. This may seem obvious, but is actually overlooked much too often. 

Now you must learn the basic shape of your subject. If working on animals, first assess the skeletal structure. Try to draw a properly proportioned and slightly detailed stick figure. After this, add the volume of flesh needed. Once you have this outline, add the details like eyes, noses and ears. For the final stage, shade the entire subject appropriately.  If you are unable to draw the figure you would like to sculpt you may use a picture that is drawn to scale. The OOAKDOLLART Virtual Gallery has many pictures that you could work from.

With these few simple tips, you will learn how to sculpt with ease. Books are readily available to give you an in depth discussion on the the subjects discussed here but you are much better off asking the helpful artists at the OOAKDOLLART forum.  You will not find a more helpful and caring group of artists in the world.  There are artists in the forum 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Please do not forget to introduce yourself so we can all get to know you.  

Hugs Tenderspirit 


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