OOAK Doll Art

OOAK stands for one of a kind. Each hand crafted piece of work is an OOAK. OOAKDollArt’s entire site is filled with OOAK work. I hope you will come and join our forum as it is now free again.

If you would like to learn how to sculpt ooak art please join the forum as you will find all of our artists very helpful. The forum is full of sculpting tutorials.  Many of the members do many other arts and crafts other than just sculpting. I am sorry to say the forum is not very active these days as most people are now on FB but there is still so much information on the forum in the index with tutorials etc.  Plus it is just fun to read what the artist that you now know might have had to say way back when.

The virtual gallery has many 3 D moveable poses of Fairies, men, woman, and children that you may print out and use to create your armatures, as well as over 6000 2 D photos to inspire you. The virtual gallery is only $20.00 a year.  You can print the pdf out in different sizes to help scale your sculpt plus turn them around and upside down etc.  We ask for requested poses as it is hard for us to know what it is you want. So to all my current members and those to come I hope I will always be there to stand by you. Great Big Hugs Tenderspirit